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Accountancy, BSB

Acting, BFA

African and African American Studies, BA

Anthropology, BA

Art History, BA

Art, BA

Art, BFA

Athletic Training, BS

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS

Biological Sciences, BA

Biological Sciences, BS

Biomedical Engineering, BSBE

Business Economics, BSB

Career, Technical and Adult Education, BSEd

Chemistry, BA

Chemistry, BS

Classical Languages and Cultures, BA

Clinical Laboratory Science, BSCLS

Communication Studies, BA

Communication, Mass Communication, BA

Computer Engineering, BSCE

Computer Science, BACS

Computer Science, BSCS

Crime and Justice Studies, BA

Dance, BFA

Design/Technology, BFA

Dual Major in Physics and Mathematics, BS

Dual Major in Statistics, BS

Early Childhood Education, BSEd

Earth and Environmental Sciences, BA

Earth and Environmental Sciences, BS

Economics, BA

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, BSECET

Electrical Engineering, BSEE

English, BA

Entrepreneurship, BSB

Finance, BSB

Financial Services, BSB

French, BA

General Business, BSB

Geography, BA

Geography, BS

German, BA

Greek, BA

Health & Physical Education, BSEd

History, BA

Human Resource Management, BSB

Industrial and Systems Engineering, BSISE

Integrated Science Studies, BS

International Business, BSB

International Studies, BA

Latin, BA

Liberal Studies, BA

Management Info Systems, BSB

Management, BSB

Marketing, BSB

Materials Science and Engineering, BSMSE

Mathematics, BA

Mathematics, BS

Mechanical Engineering, BSME

Medical Laboratory Science, BS

Middle Childhood Education, BSEd

Motion Pictures, BA

Motion Pictures, BFA

Music Education, BM

Music History and Literature, BM

Music, BA

Neuroscience, BS

Nursing, BSN

Nursing, BSN – Accelerated Option

Organizational Leadership, BS

Performance, BM

Philosophy, BA

Physics, BA

Physics, BS

Political Science, BA

Psychology, BA

Psychology, BS

Public Health Education, BSEd

Public Health, BA

Public Health, BS

Rehabilitation Services, BS

Religion, BA

Selected Studies, BA

Selected Studies, BFA

Sign Language Interpreting, BS

Social Science Education, BA

Sociology, BA

Spanish, BA

Sports Science, BSEd

Statistics, BS

Supply Chain Management, BSB

Technical and Applied Studies, BTAS

Theatre Studies, BA

Urban Affairs, BA

Urban Affairs, BS

Wellness Studies, BSEd

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, BA