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Humanities, MHum

The Master of Humanities program in the College of Liberal Arts provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study for students who wish to pursue individually designed curricula in the humanities. Study leads to a Master of Humanities (M.Hum.) degree.

The program’s primary goal is scholarly, intellectual development, and thus serves diverse personal and professional needs. High school teachers who want a content-emphasis graduate degree, persons who seek a career change or a post-retirement graduate degree, and persons who seek a second master’s degree in a complementary or even a contrasting field are among the many people who may find this program uniquely suited to their needs. Graduates of specialized undergraduate programs may welcome the breadth provided by this master’s degree. Part-time study is the norm; full-time study is also possible.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: Fall / Spring
Estimated Total Tuition: $26,516
Location: FairbornOHUnited States

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“Wright State is a great value. You get an excellent education at an affordable cost.”

Cassie Caplinger (U. S. A.) // B.A. in English



At the core of the program are two seminars that introduce students to the scope and methodologies of scholarly research in the humanities. In cooperation with the program director, students design a personal program of study to meet their individual academic goals. The program thus has both a specific focus in the humanities and wide flexibility within the broad curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts.

The range of possible programs of study is intentionally wide. A student might choose to study the role of music in African American culture or the status of women in American religion. Another student might study the interrelations of art and philosophy in modern German (or French) culture or the politics and rhetoric of Cicero. The only expectation is that students pursue an interdisciplinary program of study having a focus in the humanities.


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